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Mission:  Promote excellence and ethics in database development, management and consulting
               through education, training and professional resources.

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Students Section

Our Mission

Promote excellence and ethics in database development, management and consulting through education, training and professional resources.

Our Vision

JWES Solutions pursues a selective strategy for database development and consulting.

JWES focuses on the quality of services students expect to find at a training center.

Our community of students expects, and deserves, reliable, efficient and well-managed database technologies and applications.

With our core engines, FileMaker Pro and Sentences, and being a Professional English Services Authorized Training Partner,  JWES Solutions ensures these needs are met.

Our Values

We will accomplish our mission through each and everyone living our values.

Community.   Results.   Integrity.   Respect.   Innovation.

Community: Working as a team we will all succeed.


       act for the overall good of JWES Solutions

       actively support a unified approach and message on team decisions and policies

       are open, respectful and constructive with others in both giving and receiving feedback

       actively seek to listen and understand others' approaches and perspectives

Results: We are responsible for what we do and say.


       make and support well informed decisions

       personally commit to producing results in support of organizational priorities

       assume responsibilities

       seek feedback to ensure excellence in our performance

       clearly define and communicate expectations and goals

Integrity:  We say what we mean, and we do what we say.


       embrace and demonstrate all forms of open honest communication

       make and keep commitments

       consistently model our organizational values

       are responsible for our actions

       raise questions and ideas no matter what or who is involved

Respect:  We care about each other, and we show it.


       are empathic, considerate, appreciative and supportive

       recognize and encourage both individual and community development

       are approachable, available and responsive to others

       respect and value diversity of skills, experiences and views of all individuals

       appreciate the need to act with a sense of urgency

Innovation:  We think differently, so we deliver better.


       listen to ideas without prejudice

       learn from our successes and mistakes

       encourage and reward informed risk taking

       embrace change and challenge the status quo