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Robert T. Schaub - a long time friend and a master in FileMaker Pro.

Bob is founder/owner of StarrData.. He has been working on the business, consulting and service
end of software development for over 10 years. Bob spends much of his time with operations and business development, but he enjoys being involved as "another pair of eyes" in the creation and
review of products and projects.  Bob lives in East Hampton, CT with his wife Daphne, his daughter
and 2 sons.

Outside of work, he enjoys Photography (he loves to catch cool shots), Baseball and Camping
with his family.

He is the developer of the amazing Capture Custom Functions Application.

If you do like this file, please consider a donation, so he can continue to offer great applications.


Sharing Knowledge of Highly Efficient Database Design

Alf Pedersen, a long time Norwegian friend, has spent around 30 years in the database business, working as a programmer, designer, analyst, and CTO/CEO of several consultant companies.
On several occasions he did also done projects for Oracle Corporation as a hired hand (some call it mercenary...).

He created his site in order to share his experiences with all professionals who want to learn more
about database design and how to improve themselves for the tough marketplace we have today.

You can find all the needed information about database design here.

If you are stuck in designing and need some help, post your question here, it is a forum only
for database design. JWES Solutions is one of the first hour moderators.


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Programmers At Work

In the mid-1980s, Susan Lammers wrote a book entitled Programmers At Work. It contained interviews of 19 important players "who spurred the PC revolution through their creation of key software programs and companies." Lammers is offering the original interviews on this blog, along with updated biographical information.

Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters

This catalog lists links to freely available software for language tools, including compilers, compiler generators, interpreters, translators, important libraries, and assemblers.

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