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Mission:  Promote excellence and ethics in database development, management and consulting
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About Our Training Classes & Seminars

High-Quality Training for Groups, Managers and Individuals

JWES Solutions provides outstanding group training and individual private training on a regular basis throughout the year!

Most of the classes are taught by J. Wenmeekers  himself.

Since JWES Solutions is a Professional English Service Authorized Training Partner, we provide training and workshops on different levels and topics.

We offer several types of training.

Special student training, learn how to study.


An interactive workshop were the student gets some tools about studying.

Database and FileMaker Pro.

1. Our paid full-day or week-end workshops are inexpensive workshops where you will get to watch in-depth and complete techniques on a particular database topic, worked out in FileMaker Pro from start-to-finish. You will feel like an expert when you walk out of these workshops!

2. Our free one-hour training workshops take place at the JWES Solutions training center on a regular basis, where you will get to watch brief overviews of FileMaker-related topics.

3. Private one-on-one training, in the comfort of your own home or office. This is the ultimate in personalized training, because your training session is tailored completely to your needs.

4. Our interactive training classes are more expensive, 1, 2, 3 and 4 days interactive database classes, with FileMaker Pro as core engine, where you will be sitting in front of your own computer in our classroom, clicking along on your mouse and developing as you learn.

5. Combine your FileMaker training with your vacation.  We offer a formula where in the morning we teach you the in and outs of FileMaker and in the afternoon and evening we take you on tours all over the Peninsula. A great way to combine learning FileMaker and learn something about the Mayan world.

In the weeks before each paid workshop starts, we encourage you to email us your questions in advance that you would like to see covered at your seminar.

That way, we can customize parts of the training session specifically to our students' needs.

To request information about fees, form of payment, registration, course schedules, lodging, transportation and tours, use our contact form.

Independent Developer or JWES Datalogy

This is a Computer Science derived course if you want to start a business as independent developer.

We go through all the phases of the independent developer business.

It is a course where we combine management and developing.

Management workshop

Learn how to manage, how to be a manager. An interactive workshop were the teacher asks the questions and the students give the answer.

The result is that the students are going home with

a bag full of tips.

If you have any questions about our training sessions, please feel free to contact us.

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