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Data Conversion

Data often requires extra preparation before it can be brought into a new system, particularly
if it is being moved from a flat file system (like Excel) into a relational one (like FileMaker or Sentences).
This is true whether you are moving data from other systems into FileMaker or Sentences or from
FileMaker  or Sentences out to other systems.
We are data experts and are able to massage your
data so that the conversion is made without mistakes
or lost data.

FileMaker provides tools that make it relatively
easy to combine information from multiple sources
into one data system.

Our second tool of developing is Sentences

Sentences™ is a development environment
and database management system based on
the innovative Associative Model of Data.
It dramatically reduces development time scales,
and enables real-time aggregation of data held within legacy systems.

The Associative Model of Data is the only scalable alternative to the Relational Model
and surpasses it in terms of ease of use, rapid implementation and Internet characteristics, whilst maintaining the same or better levels of security, reliability and flexibility.

Sentences™, a multi-user database management system and development environment, is the first commercial implementation of the Associative Model
of Data. Using Sentences, we can design and deploy sophisticated multi-user, web-enabled database applications more quickly and with less technical
know-how than has previously been possible.


System Design & Development

Design and development of custom data solutions is a lot of what we do.  Whether you are looking for a fundamental, stand-alone database or a fully-customized, multi-user, mission-critical solution, a JWES Solutions developer will sit with you and your staff to:

Re-Design & Clean-up

New clients often have database systems that were built by a non-professional.  Maybe it was built by the receptionist between phone calls, by an IT person who doesn't specialize in a specific database engine, or by a part-time 'hobbiest' developer. JWES Solutions can clean things up for you so that:

Basic System Maintenance

As your business grows, so does its organizational needs.

Instead of letting your current system dictate the way you operate, perhaps it is time to change the system to work in a way that fits your company's needs.

This might include the addition of new features, reports or other functionality. For example, many companies are now taking advantage of new FileMaker technologies by adding increased functionality for scheduling, integrating email, merging letters, notifying certain people of specified conditions, as well as other automated features.