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This class is designed for FileMaker users who want to learn how to enhance their databases with scripts, buttons, text as well as numeric calculations, portals and sub-summary parts.

Many FileMaker users who want to reach the advanced level often have to split there time between their normal job and the time needed for maintaining and growing the FileMaker Pro databases. With this in mind, we have made our program flexible enough to fit around your needs.

Advanced Level I is the first part.

This course will not turn you into a solutions developer over night, but, as the training is focused around  a project, much of what you learn can be revised and re-visited as often as you need.


A working knowledge of FileMaker Pro

Duration: 1 day

Key Topics

      .The use of functions in Calculation fields,

      .Using calculations to combine text fields to create custom messages,

      .Adding command buttons to a layout,

      .What FileMaker scripts can do,

      .How to create and modify a script and assign it to a button,

      .Using portals to display several records from a related file,

      .What sub-summary parts do and how to use them.

Advanced I
Advanced II JWES Datology Training Basic